Information on educational organization

Private Institution of General Education «International Montessori School», established in 2014 on June 17th .
PIGE «International Montessori School» conducts its activities in accordance with the Charter and legislation of Russian Federation in the education area.
Approval of registration, issued by entity of the Ministry of Justice:
Certificate, confirming the recording of registration in UPRLP:

The type of licensed activities: Educational activities, implemented by the educational organizations, providing the education, as well as by individual entrepreneurs, except for the individual entrepreneurs, implemented the educational activities directly, licensing of which provided by executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, exercising delegated authority of Russian Federation in education area
37/5 Morskaya nab., St Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 993-5550
+7 (812) 382-0055
Monday - Friday
9.00 - 15.45
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