Thank you for your interest in International Montessori School. We understand that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. IMS provides an extraordinary education in a warm, secure, and nurturing environment. We are known for individualized learning; that is, we tailor the curriculum to each child based on his or her strengths, interests, and needs. Our Montessori-based curriculum teaches students to take responsibility for their own work, lessons, and progress. IMS’s faculty is extremely invested helping all children produce their very best work. Our goal is to foster independent, confident learners. Most of all, IMS is a partnership between the school and parents to prepare children for the future.We invite you to get to know us! Please contact us to discuss your child’s education and arrange a visit.

To assist in your application process:     
1. Schedule a Classroom Observation. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that our school is an appropriate match for you  and your child.
2. Return the Application Form for Admission.
3. Receive the Enrollment Packet. This packet includes a contract, a school calendar, a parent handbook, and other important enrollment forms and information. Please be sure to carefully review all the information in this packet.
4. Return the enrollment forms and make payments.

Tuition and Fees:
Completed applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable 95.000 RUB registration fee (for new applicants only). The applications are accepted throughout the year based on the availability.  

        Program                                      Hours                                    Monthly Tuition         Toddler (5 days a week)                 9.00 am - 4.00 pm                           80.000 RUB       Primary (5 days a week)                     9.00 am - 4.00 pm                                 80.000 RUB

Montessori Age Requirements:
Please note that to begin full-day Montessori program students should be the following ages:
* Toddler Class, age 2 or 20 months (depending on the readiness of the child).
* Primary Class, age 3 (must be potty-trained by first day of school).



Parent Feedback


Wonderful teachers and great curriculum for non-native english speaking kids. My 2 children Liam and Sophia graduated there. At the first time they couldn't speak english at all. But in the short time they could speak well. We came back our home country but my kids keep telling me they still miss there and want to go there again. I strongly suggest those who looking for the best pre school in SPB.
Nam Kyung Lee. Feb 5, 2015
My sons went to IMS. It is a great place for education and for the cotmmunication between children and adults. The director is exciting and taking care of child development. I truly recommend the school.
Alexandra Razumova. Jan 21, 2015
What a beautiful school. I had a privilege working with the director Karan Young and she is absolutely phenomenal in regards of children's education. I am very excited about this new location.
Ksenia Klima. Jan 20, 2015
Our three children went to the IMS and I can truly recommend the school. It will be difficult to find a school with more dedicated staff and director.
Anu Berghuis. Jan 19, 2015
Our daughter went to the International Montessori School. Big thank you to the IMS staff and personally to Karan for their great effort.
Maksim Avilov. Nov 21, 2015